Fabric & Home Fragrance Spray – Masculine Sandalwood and Amber fragrance


200 ml Masculine fragrance Fabric and Home fragrance room spray.

We manufacture in small batches and a large proportion of the work making fragrances and blending our products is by hand ensuring that you get a quality limited edition item each time you order from us.

Loved and bought by men and women, our masculine fragrance is a seductive sensual blend of Amber balanced with the calming notes of Sandalwood. Of course there’s a few other secret ingredients in the mix 🙂  It’s the original scent from Distinctive that was benchmarked as the best fragrance in laundry by top fragrance houses back in 2014 and is still wowing customers today.

We love the effect of a few sprays once you’ve cleaned and tidied as a finishing touch before guests arrive. Plus, its perfect for deodorising garments that can’t easily be washed such as curtains and bed spreads or dry clean suits. Why not use to boost fragrance when you iron?

Everyone loves Distinctive’s original scent.

  • Spray directly onto fabric whilst ironing or for use around the home.
  • Be seductive with The Opulence of Amber blended with the calming notes of sandalwood
  • Use to boost fragrance when its needed.
  • 2-3 sprays is enough scent for most people
  • No cfc’s – this is a natural aluminium pump action fine spray that is re-fillable or recyclable
  • Aluminium keeps fragrances cool and fresh

We should all apply less fragrances direct to skin. Distinctive fabric spray means that you can perfume your clothes as much or as little as you want to.

Every home needs to be Distinctive




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